Friday, January 8, 2010

There's always a first time...

I had never been pulled over by a cop until last night. Oscar and I were on our way to my in-laws' to eat some dinner when I saw the lights flashing right behind me. I honestly thought about getting out of the way at first since I thought it needed to get by for an emergency or something. But no, I was the target. I had just made a right turn and apparently I did not have my signal on! But i did! I felt like a criminal because right after he had just pulled me over one more cop showed up and then another one! Next thing you know there were three cop cars right behind me!!! I ended up only getting a warning. But I felt horrible.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

6 years and counting!

Exactly 6 yrs. ago I married Oscar! Since he had to work today, we decided to celebrate yesterday. It turned out to be something that I totally didn't expect, which was good! Oscar made reservations to have dinner at 82 Queen downtown @ 7:30pm. We got there exactly on time but were told to wait. I really didn't get bothered by it until a couple got there and mentioned they also had reservations at 7:30 and were immediately taken to their table! My first thought was ok, we got here before them and have reservations exactly at the same time, why are we still sitting here? It didn't take long after that to get our table though. So, as soon as we sat down, I noticed a flower arrangement on the table. I thought it was a center piece but it wasn't! It had a small envelope with Oscar's name on it. He got me flowers and had them delivered to the restaurant! I was really surprised. Inside there was a note that read "There is nothing that can express the happiness you have made me feel the last 6 years. To think we are just getting started!!! I love you totuguita (that's my nickname) Happy Anniversary! Oscar." It was so sweet! I loved every bit of it. Our dinner was awesome and we had a great waiter. Couldn't have asked for more. 

Here's a picture of the flowers I got. I'm glad they were not red roses. Not that I don't like them, but I just prefer other colors.

Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm back!!!

So I finally got done re-doing my old blog (which is this one)! I got very confused with wordpress and their templates are very limited. I can't promise you I'll blog every day, but at least more than before since now I know whatever I type will look pretty and more stylish!